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We are building a foundation for our ecosystem. Our roadmap gives you a look inside Persona’s current development process, what we are focused on now, and a preview of what the future will bring.

30 %

Persona v2

Going forward to our second version will improve our transactions output, support for Persona specific attributes, and tons of new features.

Upgrading from v1 to v2, will allow creating the future foundation of Persona, and will be enabled once it's fully tested on our testnet.

July 2018
  • Started investigating transitioning to Ark V2;

August 2018
  • Enhanced performance and security;

September 2018
  • Pending implementation. Waiting for a stable Ark V2 release;

85 %


Taking care of text attributes is cool, but we're also focusing our efforts in developing a decentralized storage component, that will be responsible for storing documents, photos and other types of files.

We're considering the IPFS solution for creating our distributed file hosting network.

July 2018
  • Started investigating IPFS and its compatibility with our system;

September 2018
  • Integrated IPFS module on Persona nodes, allowing distributed file management;

  • Created a private IPFS network, allowing access to documents only to Persona nodes;

  • Started testing the distributed file system on localnet;

October 2018
  • Started testing the distributed file system on testnet;

40 %

Hardware wallets

Our main concern in implementing our identity management solution is security. Offering possibilities to access personal information via dedicated hardware wallets is a must.

We're finalising our first integration with the  Ledger Wallet and plan further integrations with Trezor Wallet and Keep Key.

July 2018
  • Enhancements and started developing Ledger support;

August 2018
  • Release Persona Wallet 1.5.3 with Ledger support for Persona transactions;

  • Planned support Trezor and Keep key;

25 %

Identity wallet

We'll implement an identity management wallet for Persona specific functionality: creating/importing accounts, uploading identity attributes, allowing attribute validations and others.

This wallet will ease people coming outside the blockchain zone to use our identity management solution.

October 2018
  • Started developing the Identity Wallet web app;

  • Onboarding process completed;

  • Add support for attribute creation;

  • Currently working on attribute validation;

25 %

Persona Identity Service

Each of the above requirements will add a building block the the entire identity management solution.

Once we'll have all our systems up and running, people using Persona can start creating, validating and consuming their identity.

September 2018
  • Added attribute creation functionality;

  • Added support for file attributes;

October 2018
  • Currently working on attribute validation;

0 %


Our plan is to allow users to exchange their identity wherever they need to.

Smart-bridges with other block-chains will allow people using Persona to go forward and consume their identity outside Persona as well.